Walter at work

Walter J. Connelly, Jr. 1956—2011

Walter Connelly passed away Febuary 7, 2011, while in permanent housing at McDermott Place in Lake City.

Walter’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Walter to share, please post a comment.

Walter, “Peace”

Photos courtesy of the Seattle Mennonite Church

5 Responses to “Walter Connelly: 1956—2011”

  • anonymous says:

    I believe this man to be my husband’s biological father. I did not realize he was in Seattle when he passed, although I did know he passed. How do I find out if this was him? Any ideas? His name, birth and death dates all match. His place of residence does not though. My husband doesn’t remember what his father looked like. He was 3 years old when his father disappeared.

  • kp says:

    Good by my old friend , alot of people will miss you. I was the last person to see you,when you left your job at A.S.E.

  • David says:

    That’s Sad to hear that.He was my mother brother and Did have 2 boys.I knew him very well and the last time i seen him was in Vermont .Rest in peace Slim as many people knew him as

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Featured Leaf, July ’18

Iris Cloud (Photo courtesy of DESC)

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