Wednesday, September 11, 2013, the Homeless Remembrance Project dedicated four new Leaves at the Seattle Justice Center,  after a Women in Black vigil for nine recent homeless deaths.

Women in Black vigil

Women in Black vigil

Pastor Linda Smith

Pastor Linda Smith of the Church of Mary Magdalene led the dedication ceremony

BriiodHagan remembers Vern Lindsay

People shared memories

Brigid Hagan placing Vern Lindsay's Leaf

Each Leaf was placed by someone with special memories

Leaf of Remembrance for Kathryn Blair

A Leaf for Kathy Blair

Leaf of Remembrance for Jeanine Whorton

A Leaf for Jeanine Whorton

Leaf of Remembrance for Vern Lindsay

A Leaf for Vern Lindsay

Leaf of Remembrance for Michael Lindsay's dog, Bear

A Leaf placed beside Michael Lindsay for his dog Bear, who was killed in the same hit-and-run that took Michael.

A group of Leaves

A group of Leaves,old & new

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