Vern at the dedication of his brother Michael's Leaf of Remembrance on October 18, 2013.

Vern at the dedication of his brother Michael’s Leaf of Remembrance on October 18, 2013. Photo by Ion Gardescu.

Vern’s Leaf is placed at the Seattle Justice Center, beside the Leaf of his beloved brother, Michael Lindsay.

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  • Brigid Hagan says:

    One of my favorite concert memories didn’t involve actually attending a concert. Vern was in SHARE2 and I was working for SHARE when Safehaven was at the old INS building, near Qwest (now CenturyLink) Field, and the Rolling Stones came to town to play that stadium. Vern and I stood together outside the shelter until it was time to lock the gates, listening to the music. The honest ruth is that we couldn’t hear all that well, but I stayed anyway because I was having such a good time watching Vern have such a good time. He was like a man transported, he was enjoying himself so much. It was a joy to watch, and to hear him talk of memories of other Stones concerts he had attended.

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