On Sunday, October 12th, supporters, family, and friends gathered to witness and celebrate the dedication of 14 new Leaves of Remembrance in front of the 15th Avenue NE entrance to University Temple United Methodist Church (1415 NE 43rd). These were the first Leaves laid there!

With these Leaves, we remembered these beloved community members: Bob Quinn, Chris Stevens, Renee DeWolf, Lance Loder, Frederick “Teddy” Locke, Frank Zanella, Cindi Colleen Attison, Korey Klein, John Read Avery, Russell Hennen, Joan Schaller, Michael Doubles, Michael Lovelady, and Aaron Burgess. 

The prepared Leaves

Reverend Pat Simpson of the U Temple UMC leading the ceremony.

The ceremony continues.

Friends, family, and supporters witness the ceremony.

Ceremony continued

More words shared.

After the ceremony.

Laying leaves.

Laying leaves.

Frederick “Teddy” Locke’s Leaf

Lance Loder’s Leaf.

Chris Stevens’ and Renee DeWolf’s Leaves.

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