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Women in Black are standing today in honor and memory of Daryl Ford, 49.  Our hearts are with all of his family and friends.  He was stabbed to death on May 22nd—his body was found in a shopping cart near South Othello Street.  As widely reported, a suspect is in custody for this murder.

What’s not been reported is the real human story of the victim of this terrible murder.

WHO WAS DARYL M. FORD?  According to his older sister Connie, he was a cool, friendly, and outgoing man who always went out of his way to make people smile. He was a talented gymnast who enjoyed the simple things in life, especially ice cream.  Mr Ford was the baby of his family and was very close to his sister, who is devastated by the loss of such a wonderful friend and brother. He was loved, and will be dearly missed

After this Vigil, we will dedicate a Leaf of Remembrance for Daryl Ford.

3 PM NEXT WEDNESDAY, August 27th we’ll dedicate three new Leaves (for Lori Dillon, Jennie Wilcox and Anna “Soso” White) at Angeline’s Day Center (2025 Third Avenue), and then will move to a 3:30 PM dedication of two new Leaves (for Lynda Van Sant and Joyce Van Hollebeke) at Noel House/Bakhita Gardens (2nd and Bell).  There’ll be a reception and fellowship afterwards on the Bell Street Boulevard!

The Homeless Remembrance Project invites you to join us starting at 2 PM THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 22nd at the Compass Housing Alliance (65 S. Washington) as we dedicate two new Leaves (for Abel Gonzales and Brandon Jeffrey Mickelson) there, and then move to a 2:30 PM dedication of three new Leaves (for Gerald “TC Willie” Aust, Patrick Joseph, and Arthur Lassiter) at DESC (517 Third).  There’ll be a light reception afterwards at the Morrison. 

5 new “Leaves of Remembrance” in front of the Seattle Mennonite Church (at 3120 NE 125th).   These will join 21 Leaves already laid there.

With these new Lake City Leaves, we’re remembering
these beloved community members:
Roger Allen Fitzpatrick, Jim Hall, Ivy Helm,
Raymond LaCasse, and Dale Ellingsen.

The event starts with a 3:30 PM Ceremony,  then there’ll be a chance to share stories, memories, and light refreshments at a Reception.  Please join us!

19 “Leaves of Remembrance” in front of the Dutch Shisler Sobering Center (at 1930 Boren Avenue).   These will be the first Leaves laid there!

We’re remembering these beloved community members:
William “Bill” Burns, William “Bill” Bailey, Terri Bigelow, Suzanne Sims, AnatoliyRotaru, Andrew Appel, Brian Raymond, Wayne Peters, Timothy Smith, Pattaya “Tony” Poochaiyamont, Michele Martz, Darwin “Cowboy” Engleking, Lloyd Grant, Aileen “Sonny” Grant, Arthur “Poncho” Kodwat, Russell Ratliff, Ronald Hamm, Charles T. Moon, and Arthur “Bear” DeLeon.

The event starts with a 9 AM Ceremony, then there’ll be a chance to share stories, memories, and light refreshments at a Reception.  Please join us!

Dutch Shisler Sobering Center

Dutch Shisler Sobering Center

almost 100 people gathered

Gathering in Ballard

It was a lovely bright fall afternoon Sunday, October 13, when almost 100 people gathered at the southwest corner of Ballard Commons Park to dedicate 25 new Leaves of Remembrance.  Some were from the faith community, social services, and various professions.  Many were homeless, there to honor friends loved and lost on the streets.  One woman walked to Ballard from downtown Seattle, for the chance to see her friends publicly recognized with a bronze Leaf.

Several people laid sprigs of rosemary on each friend’s Leaf.  At the end of the day, every Leaf had a sprig of rosemary beside it. One man laid a lit cigarette by his friend’s Leaf.  An impromptu memorial of fall leaves and a feather stood by another set of Leaves. Read the rest of this entry »

Please join us at 3 pm on Sunday, October 13th, at the dedication of 25 Leaves of Remembrance around Ballard Commons Park. A reception will follow, at nearby Nyur Urness House. (see map}

We are remembering these beloved community members:

Byron Barnes, Bradley Fernandez, Michael “Mikey” Hall, Don Farquharson, Kenneth
 Gilfeather, Philip Keene, Dora Dundas, Charles Tompkins, Ken Trygg, Thomas Mumby,
Anna Moore, Mark Jacobsen, Daniel Nelson, Matthew Korpinen, Stanley Sorenson, 
Paul Walling, Bobbie Joe Boling, Michael Gerrans, Pete Reed, Douglas McCormick, Carl
Edwin Day, Carlos Holguin, Alexander Pichahchy, Dale Scenally, Marlowe Sparks

sWe will tories, memories, and light refreshments at the Reception.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013, the Homeless Remembrance Project dedicated four new Leaves at the Seattle Justice Center,  after a Women in Black vigil for nine recent homeless deaths.

Women in Black vigil

Women in Black vigil

Pastor Linda Smith

Pastor Linda Smith of the Church of Mary Magdalene led the dedication ceremony

BriiodHagan remembers Vern Lindsay

People shared memories

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On Wednesday September 11, 2013, Women in Black will stand vigil at Seattle Justice Center (5th & James) from noon to 1 pm, for nine people whose deaths we just learned about; nine homeless people who died outside or by violence, in the last four weeks.  The vigil will be dedicated to Dan Campbell, a beloved Nickelodeon who died recently in his Small, Simple, Sturdy Sleeping Structure at Nickelsville, amongst his friends and family.

At 1:15 pm, the Homeless Remembrance Project will dedicate four new Leaves of Remembrance at the Seattle Justice Center site.

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More than 60 people turned up for the Dedication of seven new Leaves of Remembrance on Friday, August 16, 2013.  (Fourteen Leaves at this same location were laid last year, so there are 21 Leaves of Remembrance altogether at the site, Seattle Mennonite Church, 3120 NE 125th.)

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Leaf Dedications 8-28 and 8-30-13Download a printable copy

Dear Friends of the Homeless Remembrance Project:

In collaboration with the Seattle Mennonite Church and the Lake City Task Force on Homelessness, we  will gather to lay seven more Leaves of Remembrance to honor people who have died in our community and experienced homelessness.

Please join us at 3:30 PM Friday, August 16th on the sidewalk in front of Seattle Mennonite for a short ceremony. After a brief ritual, we will gather to share fellowship and food.  Refreshments will be provided by Hunger Intervention Program, LDS Women’s Auxiliary and the Seattle Mennonite Church.

We will be remembering the lives of:


40 Leaves of Remembrance are being laid in Pioneer Square this week, and will be dedicated on Wednesday, October 10th. Beginning at noon, 15 Leaves will be dedicated at Compass Center (65 South Washington Street), 10 Leaves at Real Change (96 South Main Street) at approximately 12:20 pm, and 15 Leaves at DESC (Downtown Emergency Service Center, 517  3rd Avenue) at 12:40 pm. At 1 pm we will celebrate in the Morrison Community Room, 509 3rd Avenue.

We have gotten news coverage before, but never so thorough and thoughtful an article as How homeless remembrance finally found a Seattle home by Alison Sargent, published in the online news journal Crosscut on June 21, 2012.

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