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At 3 PM Tuesday, June 11th at the Columbia City PCC (3610 S Edmunds), we’re re-laying and re-dedicating a Leaf of Remembrance for beloved Real Change vendor Robert Hansen.

This Dedication has long been in the works, and is a beautiful story: Robert’s Leaf was first laid in 2011 at the Seward Park PCC, where he’d been a much-loved vendor for many years. When the store moved to Columbia City, Robert’s Leaf was requested to move with it! It took us some time to navigate the bureaucratic permitting processes, but we’re very glad now to be able to honor this request for Robert’s Leaf to be placed outside “his” PCC.

At least six other Dedications of Leaves will be scheduled this summer/autumn, including (we hope!) at two new host locations. Stay tuned!

Thanks as always for your solidarity and support!

WHEEL/Homeless Remembrance Project
(206) 956-0334
Homeless Remembrance Project on Facebook

WHEEL Women in Black ARE standing vigil from noon to 1 PM TOMORROW (Wednesday, February 13th) outside the Seattle Justice Center at 5th & Cherry. In addition to those whose names we released last week who died in January, we also will be honoring Derek Johnson, 59, who died of hypothermia last Wednesday morning (2/6) at a SODO light rail station.

This vigil will be one small, simple act of solidarity and love.

Those who wish to stand with us should BUNDLE UP. Those who wish to be in solidarity with the vigil can stand/sit in Seattle City Hall, across the street from the vigil site. As is our tradition, we’ll gather in the City Hall lobby at 1 PM, after the vigil, to share sandwiches and fellowship.

According to the Seattle Times, yesterday the Mayor confirmed there’d been another exposure death over the weekend, although the name of the decedent has not been released, she was possibly/probably not homeless, and the death remains under investigation.

We believe the City, the County, and METRO have done a pretty good job of opening extra shelters and warming centers, outreaching folks, running an emergency transportation system, and communicating options and realities through the wonders of modern technology during this extremely challenging severe weather.

But to us, this severe weather, and any resulting exposure/hypothermia deaths, throw into sharp relief the enormous and growing economic divide in our City and County. What’s being shown here is who has a foothold for survival and who doesn’t.

Last year we and our coalition partners made serious efforts to right the balance of economic justice through measures that would’ve affected or taxed the wealthy, or large corporations, or the Mariners, in order to provide desperately needed affordable housing. Most of these measures failed, but we cannot give up. Too many homeless lives hang in the balance, and too many of our sisters and brothers are at risk.

We, Women in Black, resolve to redouble our efforts to advocate for housing, hope, and survival for all.

Please join us.

WHEEL/Women in Black

Below is the list of names for tomorrow’s vigil.  This list includes the redaction of one name—through our work and outreach we discovered/confirmed that one person’s “presumed homeless” designation was in error:

**Kimberly Eaves, 41,found at an unknown location; died of hemorrhagic shock at UW Hospital on 1/3.  She was known and loved at SHARE/WHEEL’s Licton Springs Village in its early days.
**John Alston Lane, 49, died of meth intoxication in a ravine near Volunteer Park on 1/9.
**Martin Aumick, 41, died of toxic asphyxia in Renton on 1/14.
**Martin “Tony” Burton, 53, died of gunshot wounds (homicide) in White Center on 1/16; a suspect is in custody.
**Christine Foulks, 76,died of heart disease (natural causes) at 42nd/Stone Way on 1/22.
**Richard Stauffer, 60,found at 3rd & Pike and died of influenza at Harborview on 1/23.
**Shellie Brewington, 46,found at a Federal Way bowling alley, died at Harborview on 1/24.
**Demetri High, 28, died in Issaquah on 1/26; cause pending.
**Ronnie Lee Tyler, 51,found at 4th & Walker and died at Harborview of gunshot wounds (homicide) on 1/26.
**Fatuma Mohamed, 26,died of blunt force injuries (accident) at 4th/Columbia on 1/31.
**Brian Anardi, 51, died in a ravine in Kent on 1/31; cause pending.
**Derek C. Johnson, 59,died of hypothermia at the SODO light rail station on 2/6.

2018 year-to-date King County deaths outside, or by violence

 (We’re grateful to the King County Medical Examiners and Health Care for the Homeless for assistance.)

NATURAL CAUSES Stanley Krebs, 64 1/2/18 Sammamish
NATURAL CAUSES Scott Allerhand, 55 1/2/18 alley/Jackson St
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Bradford Oling, 63 1/3/18 Shelton/HMC
SUICIDE Karim Suleman, 60 1/4/18 Bellevue
SHOT TO DEATH Joshua Werner, 27 1/7/18 Edmonds/HMC
HEROIN OD Nathan Lavere, 41 1/8/18 1010 Boyleston
NATURAL CAUSES Christopher Jewell, 56 1/10/18 501—2nd Ave W
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Aaron Johnson, 31 1/14/18 Shilshole
HEROIN OD Kevin Browder, 28 1/15/18 400 Broad
METH OD Alex Norton, 39 1/15/18 6th/S Bennett
SUICIDE Claudia Gutierez, 16 1/15/18 Pike/Boren
SUICIDE Justin Shoemacher, 37 1/16/18 Great Northern Tunnel
HEROIN/METH OD Kevin Raile, 41 1/22/18 9th NE (U Dist)
FENTANYL OD Mark Townsend, 61 1/24/18 Bellevue Dennys
HYPOTHERMIA Andrew Caffroy, 32 1/30/18 Auburn
ISOPROPONOL POISONING Charles Wells, 56 1/31/18 Boren/Stewart
HEROIN/METH OD Michael Baker, 69 2/2/18 West Seattle
COMBO OD Maurice McCorkle, 50 2/9/18 7th S/S Andover
NATURAL CAUSES Michael Crowley, 57 2/9/18 unknown/HMC
COMBO OD Raymond Kores, 57 2/10/18 White Center
HYPOTHERMIA Daniel Semingson, 46 2/13/18 Renton
HIT BY CAR? Enkhtaivan Zagdsuren, 66 2/17/18 I-5/Dearborn
DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS Chad Jones, 38 2/19/18 200 bl S Washington
SUICIDE Preston Smith, 30 2/26/18 Shoreline
NATURAL CAUSES Delilah Hernandez, 43 3/5/18 Airport W/Forest
COKE OD Jose Ramirez Ocampos, 63 3/6/18 sidewalk, 14th S
COMBO OD Tarrance Ross, 59 3/6/18 I-90 onramp
HEROIN/METH OD Andrew Chapin, 34 3/6/18 unknown/Duvall
METH OD Dawayne McCormick, 61 3/8/18 van, 2nd Ave S
NATURAL CAUSES Robin Hughes, 57 3/16/18 2nd Ave ext S
SHOT TO DEATH James Duncan, 56 3/18/18 Burien
SUICIDE Billie Jo Bresnahan, 61 3/24/18 I-5/Spring St
ACUTE RESPIRATORY FAILURE Michael Dean Dale, 56 4/3/18 Kent
COMBO OD Christoper Melkonian, 43 4/4/18 2201 4th S
SHOT TO DEATH Mitchell Nelson, 36 4/4/18 Federal Way
HEROIN/METH OD Sabrina Tate, 27 4/5/18 2nd/Spokane S
BRONCHOPNEUMONIA Michael Sayler, 38 4/6/18 Fed Way park
SHOT Kay De Witt Matteson, 79 4/13/18 Ballard
STABBED TO DEATH John Balash III, 51 4/16/18 4830 S Garden
NATURAL Kevin Andrew Rogers, 39 4/17/18 6th/Columbia
HEART DISEASE; NATURAL Gregory Nichols, 56 4/21/18 Ballard
RUN OVER BY TRAIN? Michael Daggett, 28 4/21/18 BNSF tracks Elliott
NATURAL CAUSES Richard Johnson, 61 4/22/18 S 3rd/Renton
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Jacob DeMasters, 37 4/27/18 Holgate/3rd S
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Andrew Dunlap, 29 5/2/18 Auburn (vehicle)
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Ryan Smith, 38 5/2/18 S 216th/Int’l Blvd
SUICIDE John Poague, 32 5/5/18 Renton
COMBO OD Douglas Harnett, 47 5/5/18 Interurban Trail
CRUSHED IN RECYCLE BIN Jay F. Parker,  54 5/8/18 (?) Woodinville(?)
COMBO OD Lisa Schneider, 51 5/10/18 Aurora/93rd
SUICIDE Ashley Grover, 21 5/12/18 Auburn
SUICIDE Angela Gulliford, 38 5/13/18 1400 Elliott W
COMBO OD Quanah Vaeth, 40 5/16/18 Sturgus Park
MENINGITIS Terry McNamee, 55 5/18/18 Auburn
DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS Corey Baker, 31 5/28/18 Kent
NATURAL CAUSES Charles Manning, 71 5/31/18 unknown/HMC
COMBO OD Isaac Ivo, 28 6/6/18 15th/Garfield
PENDING Roxanne “Roxy” Baker, 62 6/8/18 Ballard
HEROIN/METH OD Jeremiah Spangler, 41 6/10/18 Des Moines
HEROIN/METH OD Andrea After Buffalo, 34 6/12/18 14th S
COMBO OD Dianna Bancale, 49 6/13/18 8th/S Holgate
SUICIDE Jerry Shelafoe, 28 6/16/18 W Marginal Wy S
STABBED Shawn Roberts, 48 6/25/18 Pioneer Square
NATURAL CAUSES John Wittnik, 54 6/29/18 6th S
PENDING Matthew Dodge, 48 6/29/18 Broadway
HEART ATTACK Diana “Dani” Wyatt, 38 7/1/18 1st/Marion
SUICIDE Justin Brecht, 30 7/1/18 Discovery Park
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Kurt Gilson, 50 7/1/18 Kirkland
SUICIDE Judah Corsini, 32 7/3/18 I-5/Boren
COMBO OD Kathleen Johnston, 55 7/3/18 1700 bl 8th S
COMBO OD Kevin Gilbert, 29 7/4/18 Auburn
HIT BY TRAIN Taryle Stalter, 55 7/7/18 Kent
SUDDEN DEATH BY EPILEPSY Bevin Rebecca Armstrong, 33 7/7/18 Ballard
HIT BY CAR Michael Rupp, 33 7/11/18 I-5/Marion
UNKNOWN James Hawkins, 53 7/11/18 unknown
BURNED Thomas Harris, 59 7/12/18 Bellingham/HMC
UNKNOWN Jeffrey Counts (tentative ID), 58 7/15/18 SeaTac
NATURAL CAUSES Ricky Maddy, 64 7/17/18 unknown/VM
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Denise Grundy, 57 7/18/18 3rd/Pike/HMC
LIVER FAILURE David Chalfant, 54 7/18/18 Redmond
NATURAL CAUSES Bobby Lee Oxford, Jr, 53 7/22/18 Federal Way
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Charles Wairegi, 47 7/27/18 Kent Library
BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Antoine Sanders, 56 8/6/18 I-5/James
PERITONITIS Brian Johnson, 53 8/7/18 700 Virginia
SUICIDE John Talley, 23 8/12/18 Federal Way
BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA—HOMICIDE Estyl Hall, Jr, 55 8/14/18 I-5/S College
BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Nicholas Runningfisher, 59 8/18/18 Renton
PENDING Brian McIntosh, 51 8/26/18 I-5/Mercer
PENDING Sydney Bookstein, 55 8/31/18 SW Washington
PENDING Stanley Ancholonu, 61 9/1/18 6850 Woodlawn
STAB WOUNDS Glenn Daniels, 56 9/1/18 10th/Dearborn
PENDING Perphecious Winslow-Castro, 21 9/3/18 U District
PENDING Gary Grunwald, 61 9/10/18 Pac Hwy S
ASPHYXIA Phillip Foster, 35 9/16/18 W Marginal SW
SUICIDE Paul Hermsen, 34 9/20/18 I-5/Lakeview
STAB WOUNDS Nicholas Yelle, 37 9/20/18 6th/Yesler
NATURAL CAUSES Gregory Fields, 61 9/26/18 Colorado/Hanford
PENDING Ashlyn Bartlett, 22 9/29/18 Fall City
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Bryan Kingsolver, 55 9/29/18 Woodland Park
NATURAL CAUSES Melissa Johnson, 64 10/4/18 1st/Yesler
PENDING Anthony Borden, 18 10/7/18 S Horton/Colorado
DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS Jesse Moorefield, 36 10/7/18 611—12th S
PENDING Zachary “Zack” Cailing Sr, 41 10/11/18 Ballard
SUICIDE Earnest Meyer, 42 10/20/18 7900 bl 1st S
DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS Jory Wogoman, 47 10/22/18 Kent (woods)
SHOT TO DEATH Daniel “Danny” Alberto, 26 10/25/18 90th/Nesbit
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Kent Teufel, 61 10/29/18 Aberdeen/HMC
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Kelly Marie Couture, 46 10/30/18 Mt Vernon/HMC
PNEUMONIA Thomas Lee Christianson, 59 11/2/18 Snohomish/HMC
HOMICIDE Robert Lee Williams, 51 11/3/18 8400 Rainier S
HYPOTHERMIA Charles Spivey, 67 11/19/18 Swedish
HYPOTHERMIA Kyle Deamie Johnson, 72 12/4/18 Seattle Center/HMC
ANOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY Todd M. Taylor, 52 12/5/18 Burlington/HMC
MULTIPLE BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Gregory Coates, 31 12/14/18 Auburn/HMC

114 names as of 12/14/18 

For information, or to join our notification list for vigils & Action Alerts:

(206) 956-0334        Homeless Remembrance Project on Facebook

Download a print copy to share

2018 List of the Dead


Download a printable copy here and help us spread the word!

View previous dedications at this location.

Click to download a printable copy

Download a printable copy and help us spread the word!

Download a printable copy and help us spread the word!

Information recovered 2018 from King County Medical Examiners/Health Care for the Homeless—we’re grateful!

CAUSE OF DEATH         WHO                              WHEN        WHERE

2012 (13 corrections + 34==47)
SUICIDE                          Ladonna Berry, 45          1/7/12         16838 International Blvd S #145, Seatac
HIT BY CAR?                   William Smith, 69           1/31/12       23400 Block of Pacific Hwy S, Kent
OD (heroin & alcohol)   Paul Dosier,45                 3/21/12       Western Ave & Lenora St
NATURAL CAUSES         Angel Rodriguez, 60       4/8/12         NW 54th &15th Ave NW
NATURAL CAUSES         Jerry Otto, 70                  4/12/12       ½ mile W of exit 120 of I-90, Issaquah
NATURAL CAUSES         Walter Backstrom, 61     4/22/12       318 2nd Ave S
NATURAL CAUSES         Charles Mealing, 56        6/3/12         Unknown/HMC
SUICIDE                          Wayne Clark, 52             7/15/12       19800 block of 28th Ave S
OD (heroin)                    George Bolling III, 34     7/22/12       1165 Eastlake Ave E
PNEUMONIA w/SEPSIS  Karen McCray, 48           8/1/12         Airport Way S & S Atlantic St
OD (cocaine & alcohol) Robert Robertson, 56      8/14/12       1902 2nd Ave
NATURAL CAUSES         Michael Delys, 57            8/20/12       5300 Tallman Ave NW
NATURAL CAUSES         Anthony Webb, 58         11/9/12        Unknown/HMC

2013 (9 corrections + 57=66)                                    
ANOXIC BRAIN INJ.       Michael Cartwright, 35   2/13/13          401 N 5th Ave, Yakima/HMC
HIT BY CAR?                  Grzegorz Jaszczanin, 55  3/28/13         Alaska Way W & W Lee St
UNKNOWN                   Kimberly Koehn, 47         5/2/13           800 Jefferson St
NATURAL CAUSES        Shannon Casey, 43          7/14/13          Unknown/HMC
NATURAL CAUSES        Kenny Maines, 58            9/4/13            Unknown/HMC
OD (heroin)                   Derek Anijo, 28                11/14/13        Marion St & Western Ave
UNKNOWN                   Franklin Myricks, Jr, 53    11/17/13        919 Pine St (Pine St overpass)
OD (cocaine)                 Robert Lisson, 58             12/7/13          2720 S Hanford St
OD (heroin)                   April Wahl, 26                  12/28/13        7th Ave & James St

2014 (7 corrections + 45=52)
SUICIDE                          Eric Wolff, 36                     4/2/14            12344 14th Ave NE
NATURAL CAUSES          Stephen Tryc, 56                5/10/14          3820 Rainier Ave S
SUICIDE                          Shawn Hoflack, 39             7/2/14             1st Ave N & W Temperance St, Kent
UNKNOWN                    Jeremiah Woods,18           7/30/14           Academy Drive SE, Auburn
OD (heroin/alprazolam) Frank Abbott, 32               12/17/14          8th Ave S & S Jackson St
NATURAL CAUSES         Jack Burke, 60                   12/21/14          Unknown/VM
NATURAL CAUSES         Michael Stefanich, 57        12/20/14          812 NE 65th St

2015 (15 corrections 66=81)
OD (alcohol)                   Kelly Chevalier, 54            2/22/15           20th Ave NW & NW Market St
BLUNT FORCE INJURIES Merlin Warnick, 42           1/1/15             7500 block 2nd SW & Marginal Way SW
UNKNOWN                    Jose Estrada, 54                2/2/15             Meridian Ave N & N 175th St
NATURAL CAUSES         William Patterson, 39        5/10/15           Des Moines Creek Trail, Des Moines
NATURAL CAUSES         Stacy Butrico, 36               5/15/15            40th Ave W & Texas Way
SUICIDE                          Craig Erickson, 38             6/18/15            535 Terry Ave N
BLUNT FORCE INJURIES James Deng, 31                7/4/15              5th Ave & S Jackson St
NATURAL CAUSES         Lorne Thompson, 65         7/19/15            Unknown/Columbia Funeral Home
SUICIDE                          Simon King, 34                  8/10/15           8136 15th Ave SW

OD (meth)                      Michael Martin, 36                 8/13/15           11th Place S & S 324th St
NATURAL CAUSES         Dale Todd, 58                        10/7/15            Unknown/UW Med Ctr
ANOXIC ENCEP.             Courtney Morrison-Price, 40 10/17/15          Unknown/UW Med Ctr
HYPOTHERMIA              Dale Svrko, 43                        11/17/15          1154 Elliott Ave W
NATURAL CAUSES         Michael Howard, 51               11//22/15        Unknown/Valley Med Ctr, Renton
HYPOTHERMIA              Philip Thompson, 62              12/21/15          Woodland Park

2016 (23 corrections + 62= 85)
OD (heroin/hydro.)         Clarence Tuley, 58                1/2/16              Unknown/UWMC
OD (meth)                       Bobby Ray Smith Sr, 42        1/5/16              1220 4th Ave S
NATURAL CAUSES          Jason Steele, 40                    1/11/16            901 S 348th St
NATURAL CAUSES          Gilberto Lira-Garcia, 51        2/3/16              2800 Beacon Ave S
NATURAL CAUSES          Crystal Bauwens, 60             2/12/16            515 1st Ave N
NATURAL CAUSES          Lewis Zeigler, 70                  2/10/16             Unknown/Swedish
NATURAL CAUSES          Michael Krobath, 57            2/14/16             Unknown/Valley Med Ctr, Renton
HYPOTHERMIA               Robert Blenkner, 62             3/8/16               500 block Hardy Rd SW
OD (alcohol)                   Howard Zang, 30                 4/7/16               20011 International Blvd
OD (meth/heroin)           Dentrel Hubbard, 35           5/2/16               Royal Brougham Way & 3rd Ave S
SUICIDE                           Robin Mingia, 54                 6/7/16               1st Ave & Columbia
SUICIDE                           Ricardo Reyes, 43                6/8/16               Minor Ave & Pine St
ANOXIC ENCEP.               Isaac Songer, 32                 6/22/16             7465 S 112th St
OD (meth)                       Anthony Finklea, 48             7/19/16             S 304th & Pacific Hwy S
NATURAL CAUSES          Alexander Ornelas, 54          7/20/16             Unknown/Swedish
SUICIDE                           James Wilson, 38                 9/16/16             Des Moines Creek Trail
HYPOTHERMIA               Denise Desa, 59                   10/11/16           6th Ave & Seneca, Freeway Park
HOMICIDE                      Michael Taylor, 44                10/11/16           Airport Way S & S Bayview St
ANOXIC ENCEP.             Christopher Brewster, 34      10/12/16           Unknown/UWMC
OD (heroin/alprazolam) James Goodboe Jr, 46          11/2/16             4011 S 164th St
NATURAL CAUSES         John Turner, 62                     11/23/16           7200 E Marginal Way S
SUICIDE                          Jonah Dellinger, 27              12/15/16           303 S Jackson St
NATURAL CAUSES         Kathy Harris, 58                    12/18/16           Unknown/HMC

2017 (15 corrections + 93=108)
NATURAL CAUSES         Herman Phillips Jr, 65      3/7/17       1119 Leary Way NW
OD (mult intoxicants)    William Bailes, 48             3/15/17      1108 Elliott Ave W
SUICIDE                         Andre Wilson, 25              4/1/17       Under I-90 overpass at Front St, Issaquah
NATURAL CAUSES         Frederick Williams, 52      5/7/17       Unknown/HMC
NATURAL CAUSES         Deanna Simon, 60           5/14/17      881 Bellevue Way NE
HOMICIDE                     Dillon Graham, 24            6/5/17        Hwy 509 south of Myers Way
SUICIDE                         Stephen Tucker, 59          7/10/17      3208 S 259th Pl, Kent
OD (heroin/meth)          George Kerns, 47             8/6/17        4th Ave S & S Spokane St
NATURAL CAUSES         Paul Starotska, 49            8/15/17      18900 168th Ave NE, Woodinville
OD (heroin/meth)          Jason Nannini, 30            8/26/17      33600 block Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
UNKNOWN                   Floyd Angeline, 81           8/28/17      Unknown/Swedish MC
UNKNOWN                   Jon Olson, 66                    7/24/17     Unknown/Valley MC, Renton
BLUNT FORCE INJ.        Jesse Gjerde, 32                9/23/17 S   139th St & 1st Ave S
UNKNOWN                   Luciano Salvador Placido 10/31/17     Unknown/HMC
HYPOTHERMIA             Arturo Acuna, 49              12/11/17     233 Burnett Ave S (Plaza Park) Renton

Download a printable copy
and spread the word!

Previously dedicated Leaves

Since 2003, the Homeless Remembrance Project – a collaborative effort of homeless women, faith community leaders, designers, artists, social service providers and other friends – has worked to create places of hope, heading, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who’ve died in King County. Our committee designed, developed and now maintains the only permanent public memorial for homeless people anywhere in the world.

Our concept is twofold:

  • The Tree of Life sculpture and community gathering place, in Victor Steinbrueck Park (north of Pike Place Market)
  • Leaves of Remembrance on Seattle sidewalks bear the names of those who have died, and at the site: we share their stories. We currently have 14 leaf host sites and 257 leaves all over the City.

We’re a fun committee, meeting just once a month on Capitol Hill. We really need website maintenance support, and also committee members and an administrative intern or helper. Please consider joining our effort to honor those who’ve experienced homelessness who have died. contact 206-956-0334 or

On December 21st, the longest night of the year, WHEEL/Women in Black held our annual Winter Solstice Vigil, reckoning with the 90 homeless people who’ve died outside or by violence so far this year.  In the midst of this grief, our hearts were warmed by the huge community turnout—thank you!   Read the rest of this entry »

Click to View the Promotional Poster for the Solstice Candlelight Vigil

Click to View the 2017 Women in Black Outdoor/Violent Homeless List-of-the-Dead

Please join WHEEL/Women in Black at the Homeless Remembrance Project’s Tree of Life (Victor Steinbrueck Park, north of Pike Place Market) at sunset – 4:20 PM – on Thursday, Decembers 21st.  We will be honoring all homeless people who’ve died outside or by violence this year in King County–at least 88 already; a shattering record.

After a brief ritual at the Tree of Life, we will silently walk through the Market to Westlake Park (4th/Pine) where we will stand a Silent Vigil from 5 – 6 PM.  After the vigil, we will gather nearby for fellowship and refreshments.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  The National Coalition for the Homeless designates it “National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day.”

Since our WHEEL/Women in Black vigils began 17 years ago, nearly 800 men, women and children have died outside or by violence.  In 2017, we’ve broken our hearts & all previous records:  At least 88 people have died outside or by violence – at the average age of 46 years old.

Women and men are welcome; candles are provided.

For more information:  WHEEL (206) 956-0334; or Homeless Remembrance Project on Facebook.

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long-awaited “Leaves of Remembrance” Dedication at Seattle Central Library
1000 Fourth Avenue
NOON Friday August 25th   

For more than a decade, The Homeless Remembrance Project has created places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who’ve died in King County.  The Project has two parts:  A beautiful “Tree of Life” sculpture and gathering place at Victor Steinbrueck Park (north of Pike Place Market), and “Leaves of Remembrance,” with names, embedded in sidewalks—more than 240 throughout the City.

PLEASE JOIN US TO WITNESS & CELEBRATE the Friday, August 25th dedication of twelve “Leaves of Remembrance” at Seattle’s Central Library, on the 4th Ave side. 

We’re remembering these beloved, book-loving community members:

  Wes Singletary III  1970-2009                      Janelle “Dart” Hayward 1969-2013

  Sean Kennie  1963-2013                               Herman Leroy Hudson 1956-2012

  Lonnie Nelson  1932-2014                                Matt “Giant” Barrett  1965-2014

  Eric Hovey 1954-2015                                  Jon Stuart “Stu” Wright 1962-2013

  Justin Lee Miezejeski 1985-2015                            David Patterson 1950-2015

  Skittles 1994-2014                       Zamphra “Birdie” (Peters) Opoku 1968-2012


For more information

(206) 956-0334 or email

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