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Cat angelEulogy for Kathryn Ann Blair, 1952—2013

Kathy Blair, a creative only child, spent most of her life in Akron, Ohio, living with her mother.  While I do not have the skill to tell Kathy’s story as well as she could have, I want you to know that  Kathryn Ann Blair had a beautiful face, thick, wavy hair, big brown eyes, lots of personality, many  talents, and people who loved her.

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Hilary’s leaf is placed at the Family & Adult Service Center. If you have memories or pictures of Hilary, please post them in the comments.

Bobbie Joe’s Leaf is placed by Ballard Commons Park.  If you have photos or memories of Bobbie Joe, please leave a comment.


Beloved Real Change vendor, former fisherman, found under Ballard Bridge.  His wife was Karen Lee Pedersen, whose Leaf was originally at Real Change.  Karen’s Leaf will be moved to Ballard next to Jeff’s.

Jeff was good friends with Kenny and Jerri Stoddard; he stayed the night with Jerri after Kenny died.  (A community of friends!)

Jeff’s Leaf is at Ballard Commons. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

Karen Boyle
Photo courtesy of the Seattle Mennonite Church

Karen street-slept in Lake City.  She passed away in hospice care in May, 2007.

Karen’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Karen to share, please post a comment.

Leaf with stone

Karen Boyle’s Leaf of Remembrance


Leaf of RemembranceGail’s Leaf is at Mary’s Place/Gethsemane Lutheran Church. If you have photos or memories of Gail, please share a comment.

Terry’s Leaf is located at Downtown Emergency Service Center.  If you have photos or memories of Terry, please post a comment.

Joseph Brown Leaf of RemembranceJoseph’s Leaf is located at Compass Center.  If you have photos or memories of Joseph, please post a comment.

Arleta May Burbach:  March 22, 1929 – June 6, 2012

Arleta BurbachAs written by her son Keith:  Arleta was born in Fort Morgan, Colorado on a potato farm. She grew up through the Depression and World War II – a real survivor.  At the age of 15, at a malt shop in Fort Morgan, she met Raymond Burbach, whom she married.

After having her first son, Eugene, she started work at Bell Telephone as regional manager and supervisor of operations, which was complicated memory work.  After her son Keith was born she retired and became a housewife; she divorced five years later and moved to Seattle to live close to her sisters. Keith and Eugene moved with her.   She worked at a drug store, Boeing, and as a nurse to the elderly – a full life.   She became sick with cancer before she passed.

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Aaron Burgess    3/26/70-6/18/13

Aaron’s Leaf is at University Temple United Methodist Church. If you have photos or memories, please share them in a comment.

William “Bill” Burns   2/4/1949 – March 2014

Bill’s Leaf is placed at Dutch Shisler Sobering Center (July 25, 2014).  If you have photos or memories of Bill, please share them in a comment.

Jerry’s Leaf is placed at Ballard Commons Park. If you have photos or memories of Jerry, please post a comment.

Pearl in Noel House alley

Pearl at the alley entrance to Noel House

Pearl Beatrice Cahall: July 9, 1912—June 20, 2000

from Michele Marchand
Originally published in Real Change News July 15, 2000

“I used to sleep in the bed next to Pearl’s. I watched as the procession of nurses and social workers came through trying to move Pearl into another place. They would argue with her and argue with her and leave, one by one. Pearl was an inspiration to all of us homeless women not to accept what people were trying to get us to do if it wasn’t right for us.”
–G., at a July 9, 2000 Memorial Service at Noel House

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Jeremy’s leaf is placed at the Family & Adult Service Center.

Remembering Karen Camy
January 23, 1958 – January 27, 2013

pencil-1486278_640Karen Camy, was a writer and a poet and one of the co-founders of the original Antioch Women’s Education Project (AWEP) Women Writer’s Group in the Spring of 2006. This led to the creation and publication of the first AWEP ‘Zine, a magazine of poetry, prose, songs and art on December 7, 2006.

Some of Karen’s poetry from that ‘zine: Read the rest of this entry »

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