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Ross’s Leaf is located at Downtown Emergency Service Center.  If you have photos or memories of Ross, please post a comment.


Annette’s leaf is placed at Angeline’s. If you have memories or photos of Annette, please post a comment.

roger and his leafRoger Andrews requested a Leaf while he was in hospice at Nyer Urness House. This was what his counselor and friend, Beth Monkarsh, said about Roger at that time:

Roger is a funny, kind, playful, and frank person who has lived in Ballard for over 20 years.  He loves to play cards, (especially Baseball and Dummy), enjoys country music, writes poetry and short stories, and paints.  Roger is an avid Seahawks fan.  He also loves nature documentaries and animals (he has two pet fish).  He enjoys cooking, especially seafood, and is always willing to share his creations.

I first met Roger in February 2014 when I began working at Nyer and he immediately made an impression on me as a joker.  During my time at Nyer, Roger and I had regular UNO and Yahtzee matches.  Every time Roger won, we would hang up his scorecard.  Anytime I won, he would put it back in the box so no one could see my victory.  He also would wear a gold medal around his neck to let me know who the champion was.

At Nyer Roger always participated in whatever classes were offered, from art to cooking to creative writing.  A poem Roger wrote hangs in Nyer’s lobby and has touched the hearts of many staff, guests, and residents.  Roger was happy to find a home at Nyer because several of his Ballard family members live in the building as well.  For those still without housing, Roger has kept in touch and consistently invites them to his apartment to hang out and eat.

Roger is well known and well-liked by his fellow Nyer residents and it’s of little wonder.  While he may play the curmudgeon on occasion, he is generous, forgiving, loyal, funny, and kind.  I’m lucky to have met Roger and be able to consider him my friend.

Roger's personal Leaf dedication

Roger’s personal Leaf dedication

We presented Roger with his Leaf and he selected the spot at Ballard Commons Park where it will be placed. (Story here.)

On December 19, 2014, Roger passed. His Leaf was placed June 18, 2015.






Featured Leaf December 2015

Andrew Appel 12/5/1965 – 4/27/2013

Andrew’s Leaf is located at the Dutch Shisler Sobering Center (placed July 25, 2014). If you have photos or memories of Andrew, please share them in a comment.

Cindi’s Leaf is at University Temple United Methodist Church. If you have photos or memories, please share them in a comment.

This Leaf is not yet affixed due to inclement weather. It will be affixed Spring, 2015.

Jerold Edward Aust (known as “TC Willie”)  1/28/55 — 8/6/11


From Sandra Aust: “Jerry was a good friend to everyone.  Willing to help out a brother or sister in need.  I will never forget his sense of humor and how he could make me laugh.  He made everyone laugh and feel good about themselves.  Jerry was a hard worker, he volunteered at the DESC and was always moving and working or helping someone in need.  For awhile he was in Tent City2 and everyone called him TC Willie because of his long ponytail like Willie Nelson.  I know he touch my life in a profound and wonderful way and Jerry was a brother to men and women alike he was always a gentleman.”


Jerold’s Leaf is at DESC. If you have photos or memories to share, please leave a comment.

John AveryJohn’s Leaf is at University Temple United Methodist Church.  If you have memories to share, please post a comment.

This Leaf has not been affixed yet due to inclement weather.  It will be affixed sometime in spring, 2015.

Walter’s Leaf is located at the Downtown Emergency Service Center.  If you have photos or memories of Walter, please post a comment.

William “Bill” Bailey 10/14/1962 – 9/4/2012

Bill’s Leaf is placed at Dutch Shisler Sobering Center (July 25, 2014).  If you have photos or memories of Bill, please share them in a comment.

Corey died at Nyer Urness in August 2016. From JJ Wampach, clinic coordinator for Neighborcare’s Homeless Programs: “He was a kind, funny, gentle guy. He was a positive force in Nyer Urness and in our community. Whether he was telling you a joke or just asking to see how you were doing, Corey always knew how to brighten the day of those around him.”

Corey’s Leaf is placed at Ballard Commons Park. If you have photos or memories of Corey, please post a comment.

Byron Barnes, photo by Rex Holbein

Byron Barnes
Photo by Rex Hohlbein
Homeless in Seattle

Byron Edwin Barnes was born February 4, 1965, and passed away on January 20, 2013 at age 47.  Byron is survived by his beloved son Ben, a twin brother named Myron, and many brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, aunties and uncles.

Byron was Tlingit and an Alaska native. He was very proud and appreciative of his First Nations culture. He was known as the “Keeper of the Information” because he knew who was related to whom within the First Nations community.

Friends recall Byron as a nice, respectful man with a big heart who loved to read. He loved his friends and was loved by his friends.  His generosity and humor left an indelible mark on those who knew him.  A friend said of Byron, “That man would give you the shirt off his back, and the last dollar in his pocket for his friends… He made me laugh all the time. He was so goofy.”  Byron often greeted friends with a big hug and a “how’s it going?” always taking the time to see how things were.

Byron’s Leaf is placed by Ballard Commons Park, beside the Leaf of his friend Don Farquharson.  If you have photos or memories of Byron, please leave a comment.

Featured Leaf January 2014

white hose thumbnailSeptember 1, 1954 – April 29, 2015

Laura Ann Barringer was born Sept. 1, 1954 to Billie and Connie Barringer. She grew up in Lake Forest Park, WA, and graduated from Shorecrest High School. Growing up she loved horses, animals, and modeling. She was bright, kind, smart, and caring. She had a certain light about her and people were drawn to it.

In 1981 she moved to Hawaii where her daughter Chantelle was born. Her son Jarrett was born in Washington in 1990. She devoted her life to her children. Laura became a grandma to Ayden, Kyler, and Kenzie; she loved them more than anything and was the greatest grandma anyone could ask for. She wanted to spend every moment with them and they cherished every second she was around.

Laura would have done anything for anyone, even if it meant giving the shirt off her back or going without. That’s just how she was.

At the time of her death, Laura had lived at McDermott Place for several years, after being homeless in Lake City.

Laura’s Leaf is placed at Seattle Mennonite Church. If you have photos or memories to share, please post a comment.

Featured Leaf September 2015

April’s leaf is placed at Angeline’s. If you have memories or photos of April, please post in the comments.

Leaf of Remembrance for Delores BeamonIn Memory: Dolores Beamon
by Cynthia Lee Ozimek
Originally published in Real Change

On Monday, January 5 [2004], at 6:30 a.m., the body of longtime Hammond House shelter resident Dolores Beamon was found in a Seattle parking lot. While the cause of her death has yet to be determined, it has been theorized that homelessness, poor health and the snowstorm that had brought the city to a virtual standstill all contributed to her sad and unexpected demise. Fifty-four years old at the time of her passing, Beamon was born and raised in the Seattle area and is survived by her mother, her siblings, and many nieces and nephews.

Dolores had a positive, cantankerous, and humorous influence on many of the women she knew during her three-year stay at Hammond House. She was well known for the kind and intelligent hand she offered to her friends, the courageous demeanor she presented in the face of great physical discomfort, the withering commentary she offered to her detractors, and her love of anything related to the Mariner’s baseball team. Read the rest of this entry »

Terri BigelowTerri Bigelow  5/14/1959 – 11/20/2013

Terri’s Leaf is placed at Dutch Shisler Sobering Center (July 25, 2014).  If you have photos or memories of Terri, please share them in a comment.

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