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On Sunday, September 28th, we held a ceremony to dedicate and place six new Leaves of Remembrance at Ballard Commons Park (57th NW/NW 22nd), during the Sustainable Ballard Festival. The new Leaves honor Jeffrey Parker Bouck, Kenny Stoddard, Will Johnson, Cecil “Marty” White Face, Michael “Mike” Sheely, and Marvin “Marv” Hosking, Jr. We also rededicated a pre-existing Leaf for Karen Lee Pedersen.

We were honored that the Stoddard family traveled 350 miles, from Orville, Washington, for this dedication ceremony.

Gerry Stoddard speaks of Kenny.

Jean Darsie sweeps the sidewalk before the dedication.

Jeffrey and Karen together.

Knew every person for whom we laid a leaf.

Child looking at the Leaves.

The prepared Leaves.

The ceremony.

Pastor Kelle starts the dedication.

Pastor Kelle with the Stoddard family.

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, following a Women in Black vigil, we laid a Leaf of Remembrance for Daryl Ford alongside several others in front of the Seattle Justice Center. His sister Connie remembers him as a gentle man who enjoyed the simple things in life, especially ice cream.

We stood vigil for Mr. Ford earlier this year.

Women in Black standing vigil for Charles Gott while Connie Ford holds her brother’s Leaf.

Gathering together to remember Daryl Ford.

Connie Ford chose the placement of her brother Daryl’s Leaf.

The dedication ceremony.

Pastor Kelle Brown of Mary’s Place led the powerful and moving dedication and blessing.

Connie Ford with her brother’s Leaf of Remembrance.


Leaves of Remembrance Dedication & Reception

Sunday, September 28th, 2014 3:30 PM at Ballard Commons Park (57th NW & NW 22nd)

Reception to follow at Bridge Care Center (5710 22nd Ave NW)

For more than a decade, The Homeless Remembrance Project–a collaborative community effort facilitated by the homeless women of WHEEL–has created places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who’ve died in King County. The Project has two parts: A beautiful “Tree of Life” sculpture and gathering place at Victor Steinbrueck Park (north of Pike Place Market), and “Leaves of Remembrance,” with names, embedded in sidewalks throughout the City.

ALL ARE INVITED TO WITNESS AND CELEBRATE the September 28th dedication of six new “Leaves of Remembrance” around Ballard Commons Park (where 25 Leaves already are).

We’re remembering these beloved community members: Jeffrey Parker Bouck, Kenny Stoddard, Will Johnson, Cecil “Marty” White Face, Michael “Mike” Sheely, and Marvin “Marv” Hosking, Jr.

We’ll also rededicate/place a pre-existing Leaf for Karen Lee Pedersen.

The event starts with a 3:30 PM Ceremony at the Park–yes, this’ll be during the “Sustainable Ballard” Festival! Then there’ll be a chance to share stories, memories, and refreshments at a Reception hosted at the nearby Bridge Care Center (at St Luke’s Episcopal Church, 5710—22nd Avenue NW). Please join us!

For more information: (206) 956-0334 or email

On August 27, 2014, we laid new leaves to honor Lori Dillon, Jennie Wilcox, and Anna “Soso” White at Angeline’s and Lynda Van Sant and Joyce Van Hollebeke at Noel House/Bakhita Gardens. Below are photos from the ceremonies.

Angeline’s staff person.

Anna “Soso” White’s friend at Angeline’s.

Anna “Soso” White’s friend with Anna’s Leaf.

Comfort and sorrow at the Angeline’s dedication

Gathering together at Bakhita Gardens.

Joyce Von Hollebeke’s sister Eileen at Noel House.

Pastor Kelle at Angeline’s.

A crowd gathers around Leaf-Affixer Doug.

On August 22nd, we laid five additional leaves in Pioneer Square. Abel Gonzalez and Brandon Jeffrey Mickelson were honored at the Compass Housing Alliance, and Gerald “TC Willie” Aust, Patrick Joseph, and Arthur Lee Lassiter were each honored at DESC.

Close-up of affixing process.

Compass Center Dedication.

Family of Brandon Mickelson gathered around his leaf at Compass Center.

Laying new Leaves at DESC.

Pam with friend Patrick Joseph’s Leaf at DESC.

Patrick Joseph’s Leaf.

On July 25, we laid 19 leaves at the Sobering Center. Thank you to all who participated in this beautiful ritual and a special thank you to Marty who led a Native American blessing as our closing.

Anitra and Dawn

Dawn laying a Leaf.

Friends, family, and supporters.

Marty says ‘You are a medicine to us.’

Marty begins the Native American blessing.

The new Leaf site.

Doug laying out the Leaves.

Verlon Brown of the Dutch Sobering Center, Pastor Marcia McLaughlin, and Pastor Kelle Brown of Mary’s Place.

The dedication ceremony.

“Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?
Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow, which was brought upon me . . .”
The prophet Jeremiah, in Lamentations 1:12, read as part of the dedication ceremony.

Laying down a Leaf.

Pattayah’s Leaf.

Friends and family.


Arthur’s Leaf.

Leaf laying.

almost 100 people gathered

Gathering in Ballard

It was a lovely bright fall afternoon Sunday, October 13, when almost 100 people gathered at the southwest corner of Ballard Commons Park to dedicate 25 new Leaves of Remembrance.  Some were from the faith community, social services, and various professions.  Many were homeless, there to honor friends loved and lost on the streets.  One woman walked to Ballard from downtown Seattle, for the chance to see her friends publicly recognized with a bronze Leaf.

Several people laid sprigs of rosemary on each friend’s Leaf.  At the end of the day, every Leaf had a sprig of rosemary beside it. One man laid a lit cigarette by his friend’s Leaf.  An impromptu memorial of fall leaves and a feather stood by another set of Leaves. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, the Homeless Remembrance Project dedicated four new Leaves at the Seattle Justice Center,  after a Women in Black vigil for nine recent homeless deaths.

Women in Black vigil

Women in Black vigil

Pastor Linda Smith

Pastor Linda Smith of the Church of Mary Magdalene led the dedication ceremony

BriiodHagan remembers Vern Lindsay

People shared memories

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More than 60 people turned up for the Dedication of seven new Leaves of Remembrance on Friday, August 16, 2013.  (Fourteen Leaves at this same location were laid last year, so there are 21 Leaves of Remembrance altogether at the site, Seattle Mennonite Church, 3120 NE 125th.)

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On Friday, August 30th, we laid five Leaves in Pioneer Square in front of the Real Change Office and in front of DESC. The Leaves honor Reginald “Reggie” Thompson, Geraldine “Geri” Jones, Crystal Miranda, James “Jimmy” Mayo, & Kathy McNeilly.

Array of Leaves at DESC.

Buddy speaks of Reggie Thompson.

Dawn speaks of her friend.

Margaret King of DESC.

Nancy McNeilly pointing at her sister’s Leaf.

Neil of Real Change cleaning a Leaf.

Gathering at Real Change.

On Wednesday, August 28th, we laid down six Leaves in Belltown, at Angelines and at Bakhita Gardens.  The Leaves are in remembrance of Karen Camy, India Valdez, Sarah Fraillon, Roxanne McDonald, Charlene Downey & Monica Erickson.

Andie and Sheri at Angeline’s.

Angeline’s gathering.

Angeline’s gathering.

Angeline’s staff laying Leaf.

Array at Angeline’s.

Doug replacing a mis-spelled Leaf.

Handmade sign at Angeline’s.

Karen Camy’s friend and Karen’s dog.

Pastor Linda leading dedication.

Reception and Bell Street Boulevard.

Ruanda with Karen Camy CD.

Words and tears shared.

Sheri with Monica’s Leaf.


Teresa singing a song for Monica.

Tracy with Monica’s Leaf.

On Wednesday, October 10th, we dedicated forty leaves at Compass Center, Real Change, and DESC. These are photos from those dedication ceremonies.

Dedicating Leaves outside Compass Center.

Pastor Linda Smith leading us in the dedication at Compass Center.

Sharing stories at Compass Center.

Walking down the alley to Real Change.

Tim Harris speaking at dedication at Real Change office.

Marcia McLaughlin leading dedication at DESC.

Real Change site.

Stories being told about those who died.

More stories shared.

A few of the Leaves we dedicated in Pioneer Square.

Gathering for the reception in the Morrison.

Enjoying food and telling stories at the reception.

About 60 people gathered together on June 23, 2012 at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City to remember friends and loved ones who had died. Because of the weather, we weren’t able to actually affix the leaves in the sidewalk until a few weeks later.

People who knew those who were being remembered read the names and shared stories and memories about their loved one. Sally Kinney led the group in a stone blessing rite, which was a wonderful celebration of the lives of 14 people.

Brigid at the mic.

Sheila, who shared beautifully about how Eva helped her learn to celebrate color.

Listening and remembering.

Leaf for Karen Marie Boyle.

Carol and Melanie leading the ceremony.

Philip Carrasco’s Leaf.

Individuals read the names of loved ones and placed their Leaves on the sidewalk.

Leaf laying.

Moments of remembrance.

Memories were shared.

More stories shared.

Placing Leaves.

Charles Reighn’s Leaf.

Sally Kinney led us in a Stone Blessing Rite, from her Jewish faith tradition. She laid stones on each of the Leaves once the community placed them on the sidewalk, saying “Let his/her name be a blessing!”

Time of sharing remembrances.


Mark Slye’s Leaf.

Sally placing stones on the Leaves.

More stones

All of the Leaves with stones.

Closing Circle.


On October 18, 2011, the Homeless Remembrance Project dedicated 13 Leaves of Remembrance at the WHEEL/Women in Black Vigil Site outside the Seattle Justice Center (at 5th/Cherry).
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On August 16th, we dedicated two more Leaf installations, with 15 Leaves in front of Angeline’s/Opportunity Place, and 11 Leaves in front of the Family and Adult Service Center (FASC), on 3rd Avenue between Lenora and Virginia Streets.

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