8/1/62 (Lawrence, Kansas)–1/12/13 in hospital

Stu was in SHARE for many years and also in SHARE2, a housing-for-work program.  Friends from SHARE and SHARE2 found Stu to be a great person, friendly and well-loved in the community.  He spoke highly of his friends and family and was an avid lover of 80’s music.

Those who knew him saw him transition out of his quiet shell into someone totally positive and outspoken.  Everyone in the SHARE community loved him, and still miss him dearly. “I hope that Stu is looking over us knowing this Leaf is for him.”

Stu’s leaf is located at the Seattle Central Library, on the 4th Avenue side. If you have photos or memories of Stu, please comment.

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  • Stacy says:

    I am his eldest son’s ex fiancee. From what I knew of Stu he was a good guy who loved his family and his kids very much. His loss was a devastating blow to his whole family. Having his leaf at the library will make his eldest son happy because he wanted to be a librarian and both father and son had a healthy appreciation for books.

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Featured Leaf, July ’18

Iris Cloud (Photo courtesy of DESC)

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