Sharon Kilgore 1959—2010

Bronze Leaf of Remembrance for Sharon Kilgore

Leaf of Remembrance for Sharon Kilgore at Angeline’s

According to her friend Janna, Sharon Kilgore had a very difficult life, with many difficult things surrounding her.  She did her best in an often impossible situation.  In spite of all the odds against her, she kept a sense of humor, black as it may have been.

In a video Public Service Announcement for the Church of Mary Magdalene, Sharon spoke up to solicit donations of brassieres for their “Ministry of the Lingerie:”  “You never know when you might have to go to a funeral, baby,” she said, and then laughed her beautiful laugh.

She used to call all of us younger women, “baby girl.”  She was a tough mom figure to many, and will always be missed.

Sharon’s leaf is placed at Angeline’s.

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