I’m singing the song I must sing now but don’t yet know.

I’m singing the song
I must sing now
but don’t yet know.

Lance was a gentle giant.  He managed a U District apartment building while he was able, then became homeless. He was a self-published poet. Lance died on 10/6/09, at age 59.

Lance has an amazing collection of poetry on the web, in a site created by his friend Christian Swenson: Coyote University. There you can also find an obituary by Lance’s sister, Lori.

Lance’s Leaf is at University Temple United Methodist Church. If you have photos or memories, please share them in a comment.

I am fledgling
teetering on the nest edge
and I am Mother Crow
patiently implacably
demanding I learn this.
I am my terror and
her knowledge,
It is true
and it is true
and it is true
I am gone.

From The Wings of the Heart
by L. M. Loder, copyright 2009

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