Kevin Pellow passed away November 11,2009, while in transitional housing in Lake City.

Kevin’s Leaf is at the Seattle Mennonite Church in Lake City.  If you have memories of Kevin to share, please post a comment.

Kevin and “The Rev” (right to left)

Jonathan, Hedy and Kevin (left to right)


2 Responses to “Kevin Pellow, 1969—2009”

  • Amy says:

    Hi – I love this project and I’m sorry not to be able to be at the ceremony this Saturday. I just notice that the picture of Kevin above right is mis-captioned. Kevin is sitting next to ‘The Rev’, another friend from the community. Rev. Jonathan Neufeld *is* pictured in the pictured with Kevin in the picture on the left.

  • a pal says:

    A couple hours before his death Kevin was showing obvious signs of distress. Don’t take chances, call an ambulance.

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