How You Can Help the Homeless Remembrance Project

  • LEARN MORE ABOUT US! Here, and at our other website,
  • JOIN US!:  Share your gifts with us!  The Homeless Remembrance Project Committee typically meets once a month.  Call (206) 956-0334 for information or to confirm meeting time/day.
    • We need the support of fundraisers and grantwriters! We are a small, grassroots committee with a steep learning curve on fundraising. Join us, or let us know if you have contacts/ideas!
    • If you are part of a religious congregation or service organization, ask whether the Homeless Remembrance Project Committee can make a presentation or request for support to your group.

WHEEL (the Women’s Housing, Equality and Enhancement League) is a democratically organized, grassroots group of homeless and formerly homeless women. WHEEL is a 501(c)3 and the facilitator and fiscal sponsor for the Homeless Remembrance Project, and can answer questions about or take donations toward this worthy project.

WHEEL Women’s Housing, Equality and Enhancement League
P.O. Box 2548
Seattle WA 98111-2548
(206) 956-0334