Clinton Matthew Ray (“Ray Ray”) 1965—2004

Ray Ray loved life. He was a Native Alaskan of the Inupiak (Eskimo) tribe; a Christian; a gourmet trained chef who loved to cook. He was a gentle spirit who studied martial arts in Alaska.

Ray Ray grew up in the Alaska foster care system, and struggled with alcohol addiction and other problems. He had a campsite south of downtown that included a garden he had planted.

A friend says, “Clinton, I will always remember you and your lovely eyes. We used to picnic together and I enjoyed those times. You taught me how to do acrostics and gave me a recipe for salmon with a sauce to go on top of it. You had a strong spirit, a strong Christian faith, a warrior spirit, and you were a ‘survivor.’ In the end, times got too tough for you, I think.”

Clinton’s Leaf was placed at the Seattle Justice Center on October 18, 2011. If you have stories or memories to share about Clinton please post a comment.

Featured Leaf October 2015

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  • Marie Yako says:

    Anyone with any information on Clinton Matthew Ray, I would appreciate a email. We are trying to get in touch with his wife Marilyn or anyone that can help us with some paperwork. Thank you, Marie

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